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Shield Masks USA provides the best top-rated safety equipment on the market. Protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters with our various Personal Protective Equipment!


 This mask is great! It doesn't touch my face so I can breathe easier, and wear my glasses, makeup, and earrings without any discomfort or problems. It's amazing, it's perfect and so glad to have one in the time of the coronavirus.

Jennifer L.

I hate the N95 Mask they gave us at work, it gave me an allergic reaction. I love my Face Shield from Shield Mask US! The material is so clear! So clear it doesn't affect my vision AT ALL, and most importantly doesn't irritate my face, and trust me when I walk into work on Monday morning, I will be the envy I'm sure of a lot of bus operators.

Richard B.

This mask my children got me is perfect! I would always notice that my glasses would fog up whenever I wore my N95 mask. With the Face Shield fogging is never an issue, and it is easy to exercise and breathe in! Thank you!

Elizabeth T.

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NSF Approved Shield Masks

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KLEANKY is made of antimicrobial brass & keeps your hands clean and free when touching door handles, toilets, keypads, ATM keypads, elevator buttons, and store checkout payment pads. 

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Nail Salon Divider

Convenient clear acrylic Nail Salon Divider protects both your clients & nail technicians from sneezing and coughing, especially useful during times when illness is going around

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Hair Salon Divider

Keep your community safe while running your business with our social distancing solutions. Install our cutting-edge Salon Made Clear Divider to help protect your employees and customers.

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